Parish Deacon

The Parish Deacon is: Bob Birch
The Permanent Diaconate Program:

Re-established by the Second Vatican Council, the Permanent Diaconate provides an extraordinary opportunity for men, married or single, to serve the community.

While usually still maintaining his secular job, the Permanent Deacon, a fully ordained minister of the Church, is both a minister and a servant, distinguished from the lay person by the fact that he functions officially in the name of Christ in the community. His is a diocesan ministry, called to serve in any parish or environment as deemed necessary by the Archbishop. He is called to a three-fold ministry of liturgy, word and service, with service being the deacon’s most characteristic ministry. Within his liturgical role he may assist Bishop and priest during the liturgy, distribute communion, administer baptism, witness and bless marriages, officiate at wakes, funerals and burial services. As minister of the word he proclaims the Gospel at Mass, and may preach the homily, as well as teach. These two ministries validate and strengthen his primary ministry of service to the community as he works with the young, the aged, the divorced, the sick in hospitals and homes, the poor, the rejected, immigrants, prisoners, addicts, in college campuses, schools or with families.

If you enjoy helping others, are a team player who enhances the qualities of the people in your group; if you are accommodating, know how to relate to others, like people, give high priority to family values, and are sensitive to the feelings of others, you may want to look into the Permanent Diaconate.

A new four-year formation cycle is scheduled to commence in September of each year, with applications to be submitted by the previous March 1. Applicants will be screened and evaluated during the following months and all will be advised of the disposition of their applications in early July. Those interested in the program are invited with their spouses, to attend an information session scheduled for the last Saturday of January, at 9:30, in the Conference Room at the Diocesan Center, 1247 Kilborn Place, Ottawa. Member of the Diaconate formation team will outline the program in detail, and be available to answer all questions.